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Amax NutraSource has established global raw material procurement, manufacturing and warehousing operations that span four continents. We supply over 100 botanical extracts for the Nutritional Supplement, Functional Food and Beverage, Cosmetic, and Veterinary Industries. We are committed to providing our clients with product information, samples and technical support in a courteous, professional and timely manner. We ship your orders by the most expeditious, yet cost effective method. Amax NutraSource has been involved in the manufacturing and distribution of botanical extracts and other nutritional products since 1997.

IFT Trade Show Features. Perfecta ®      This zero calorie all natural sweetener which is made from Monk Fruit is ideal for food and beverage applications with uniform particle size distribution. *Be sure to check out our low calorie Monk Fruit Blends developed by Imperial Sugar.All sweetener blends are: Non-GMO FDA GRaS approved ingredients Kosher certifieDeveloped using Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit)   Green Tea Extracts & Antioxidants  Amax Nutrasource is proud to present an extensive line of green tea extracts and antioxidants.  We offer over 20 varieties of green tea extracts which includes Green Tea Debittered (SynerTea™), Green Tea 50% EGCG, Green Tea 50% Caffeine, White Tea, and many more! We also offer a long list of Antioxidants that include: Apple Polyphenols 75%   *Pine Bark 95% Bilberry 25%                  *White Tea 90% Grape Seed 95%            *Quercetin 95% Green Tea 50% EGCG Resveratrol 98% Resveratrol 50% Green Coffee Bean Extract Recommended by nutritionists around the world, Green Coffee Bean Extract is the newest revelation as a weight loss supplements.  Read more about Green Coffee Bean Extract on our website and stop by our booth to learn more about this amazing product.We hope to see you at the show. Be sure to ask for a sample of Perfecta®!  

Announcing Amax NutraSource Labs

We are excited to launch our new Labs division at this year’s Supply Side West. Specifically this team is dedicated to tackling our customers greatest challenges, from supply chain logistics to brand extensions, we are using our 20 years in the natural products industry to help deliver solutions for our customers. Learn more at booth 17010 at Supply Side West or follow us on Twitter at

Natural Sweetener Product Line Expansion

AMAX NUTRASOURCE COMPLETES ITS LINE OF NATURAL SWEETENER BLENDS CONTAINING MONK FRUIT (LUO HAN GUO)     Eugene, Oregon July 27, 2012  – Amax Nutrasource, Inc. (Amax) announced the completion of its “Zero” and “Low” calorie blends of Monk Fruit (Luo Han Guo) and other natural sweeteners which are now all available for immediate distribution.   Monk Fruit is a melon that has been cultivated for centuries for its antioxidant properties but recently has been re-discovered for its natural sweetness which is up to 200 times that of sugar.  The Monk Fruit used in all Amax’s blends is supported by a successful FDA GRAS application and is the product of over 12 years of development.   Larry Martinez, President of Amax, announced   “ We are pleased to see all the positive attention Monk Fruit is receiving as an alternative zero calorie sweetener without the aftertaste other natural sweeteners have in their taste profile”. Below is a list of our blends: Zero Calorie Natural Sweeteners                             Low Calorie Natural Sweetener Blends Perfecta® -Proprietary Monk Fruit Blend                      Monk Fruit/ Sugar Cane Perfecta® Bronze – Proprietary Monk Fruit Blend      Monk Fruit/Honey Monk Fruit/ Crystalline Fructose                                    Monk Fruit/Brown Sugar Monk Fruit/Stevia                                                                Monk Fruit/Molasses Credit Card Finder Please call 800 Read More …

Green Coffee Bean Extract. Immediate inventories available

AMAX NUTRASOURCE ADDS GREEN COFFEE BEAN EXTRACT TO ITS PORTFOLIO OF WEIGHT MANAGEMENT PRODUCTS credit history issue     Eugene, Oregon May 29, 2012  – Amax Nutrasource, Inc. (Amax) announced current inventories of their Green Coffee Bean Extract standardized to 50% chlorogenic acid..  Recently Green Coffee Bean Extract was featured on the Dr. Oz Show as a natural weight loss solution.  Larry Martinez, President of Amax Nutrasource announced, “We are pleased to add Green Coffee Bean Extract to our line of weight management ingredients.”  Recent positive scientific studies have rapidly increased the popularity of this product. As with all of their product offerings, Amax provides identity, purity, and contamination testing for its extracts along with other required documentation. Please call 800 893-5306 today to request a sample of Green Coffee Bean extract or visit Amax NutraSource is an established industry leading raw material developer, manufacturer and distributor of “state of the art” botanical extracts and other nutritional supplements.   Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at a great value with superior customer service to the nutraceutical, functional food and beverage, and cosmetic industries.   All Amax NutraSource products are manufactured and delivered in conformance with Read More …

Perfecta®- Nature’s Zero Calorie Sweetener Now Available

  AMAX NUTRASOURCE INTRODUCES PERFECTA®, A REVOLUTIONARY NATURAL ZERO CALORIE SWEETENER SUITABLE FOR ALL APPLICATIONS Eugene, Oregon March 7,  2012 – Amax Nutrasource, Inc. (Amax) introduces a zero calorie and zero sugar sweetener called Perfecta® which utilizes all FDA GRAS ingredients including Luo Han Guo Extract ( Monk Fruit)  and can be labeled as 100% natural.  “Perfecta® will change the landscape of the natural sweetener marketplace” announced Larry Martinez, President of Amax. Unlike many other “natural” sweeteners, Perfecta® is non-GMO, has no flavors added and can be used in food products as well as beverages.  Using an integrated granulation process, Perfecta® possesses a uniform particle size distribution eliminating sweetness separation. Amax will feature Perfecta® in two beverages at the Natural Products Expo and in all upcoming trade shows and will also be passing out sample packets and literature.  Perfecta®, now commercially available, has undergone over ten years of product development. Amax NutraSource is an established, industry leading raw material developer, manufacturer and distributor of “state of the art” botanical extracts and other nutritional supplements.   Since 1996, our mission has been to provide the highest quality products at a great value with superior customer service to the nutraceutical, functional food and Read More …