Perfecta – Nature’s Zero Calorie Sweetener


Finally!  A 100% all-natural alternative to sugar has arrived with perfect timing. 

Perfecta ™, brought to you exclusively by Amax NutraSource is now available for your natural, zero and reduced calorie needs.

Function Meets Form

This zero calorie sweetener is ideal for food and beverage applications with unifrom particle size distribution which leads to no sweetness separation, or“hot” or “cold” sweetener spots found in some high intensity sweeteners. Perfecta  also delivers 4X the sweetness of sucrose and is sugar free.

Label Friendly

Perfecta provides the solutions today’s health concious consumer has been demanding. It is Non-GMO, made from FDA GRaS approved ingredients, Kosher and contains no added flavors. Developed using the fruit extract Luo Han Guo (Monk Fruit), Perfectais ideal for your next project.

Speed to Market

Perfecta is now commercially available and ready for your natural product development needs. Amax NutraSource, Inc has spent the last 10 years developing the infrastucture necessary to support large scale development of Perfecta™ based products.