Product Development


We offer a full range of product development services. Over the years, costumers have engaged us with everything from university clinical studies to complete product line extensions based on one central ingredient.

Our experienced and innovative team is familiar with the requirement of double-blind studies, product standardization development and initiating a complete product supply chain strategy. Feel free to engage us with your custom project idea or need.

Our Capabilities include:
  • Ingredient Key Marker Standardization
  • New product business development
  • Health application formulation
  • Custom blends
  • Project Management

Custom Blending

Custom blending

The blending facility maintains strict standards of quality control and safety, and is HACCP certified. Each batch is carefully documented and managed from arrival and initial quality control to final packaging and shipment.

Amax Nutrasource, Inc. is pleased to offer our

Custom Blending Value Plus Service

Capable of providing customers with the premixed solutions that will save time, money and resources in delivering products to consumers.

Positioned for Impact – Our 30,000 Square Foot Facility is:

  • FDA and Orthodox Kosher Certified
  • Compliant with GMP Standards
  • Organic Processing Certified
  • Has two blender types
  • High Capacity Two-Dimensional Rotating Drum